Cincinnati, located in southwestern Ohio on the Ohio River, is the third-largest city in the state. Founded in 1788 and incorporated

as a city in 1819, it was named after the Society of the Cincinnati, which honored George Washington, whom they likened to

the Roman General Cincinnatus. The city saw dramatic growth in the mid 1830s with the development of steamships and the

completion of the Ohio and Erie Canal. It soon became a major shipping center, primarily for the pork industry. Cincinnati’s location

on the Ohio River has contributed not only to its prosperity but also its scenic charm. Winston Churchill once called Cincinnati “the

most beautiful of America’s inland cities”. Today, Cincinnati has a population of around 340,000 and is home to major corporations

that include Procter & Gamble, Kroger, CInergy Corporation, and Federated Department Stores, the parent company of Macy’s and

Bloomingdale’s. Cincinnati ranked #37 on Ladies Home Journal’s 2002 list of the Best Cities For Women (all but one of the cities

ranking higher had larger populations). With a metro area that includes parts of Ohio, Indiana and Kentucky, Cincinnati has a unique

personality that crosses midwestern industrial city with a southern country feel. Sarah Jessica Parker, Nick Lachey and Carmen

Electra all hail from Cincinnati. Talk show host Jerry Springer was once its mayor.